Political-Economic-Social Index of the Revolution …

Last year the Dutch bought one million bicycles for $1.2 billion which was a record.  So one billion and 200 million dollars was spent by the Dutch for all kinds of bicycles, and the sales of electric bicycles, for the first time, exceeded the sales of traditional ones

What activities with bicycles will be held in our educational complex in 2019? A couple of days ago my daughter Tatev Bleyan’s 2,5-year-old son Vahan Serobyan invited me to the College to ride a bicycle. Davit Bleyan and I are going to hold a bicycle review with three generations taking part in the near future. Crazy March with its wet snow and rains seriously tested the bicycle paths, fields and squares of our schools.

We were especially sorry for our Eastern School garden. The teachers, students and parents had to  walk across muddy and sandy puddles. I don’t know how I can apologize. The inconvenience caused to you can’t be digested. Our sand paths are convenient in dry weather. In March, November we often have rains. Now we are in a troublesome situation, but we will find a solution without bringing asphalt back to our territory. Help us with your big or small suggestions, give us a hand so that our  inner and outer spaces become more convenient, hygienic, inclusive, exciting, educational, green-aesthetic all the year around …

On Saturday Karapet Rubinyan and I went to our educational farm to see the construction of the artificial pool and the stud of horses. Then we moved on to the neighboring territory which has become an uncared-for car graveyard. Rejoice, go and see and tell everybody that the car skeletons now are being crushed and pressed into briquettes with special mechanisms. We, as you know, have appealed to the mayor of Yerevan with a proposal to turn the boiler house into a winter horsemanship neighboring our educational farm. Our proposal also comprises the suggestion to build an outdoor swimming pool within the project ″Pentathlon in an Educational Farm″. We have also appealed to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to allocate part of that abandoned landfill to the educational complex to establish vineyards and a small wine factory as an educational program.

Don’t get surprised. These are the activities that we have determined in the development program of the Educomplex. Has dear Prime Minister decided to clear the land from garbage and car graveyard?… This would really be the political-economic-social index of the revolution …

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