November 25

An Extract from the Educomplex Director’s Diary

In a traditional public school, no matter whether it was a Soviet school or today’s one,  the learner’s notebooks with its texts, tasks and solutions are accessible only for the learner, his/her teacher, the headmaster, inspector of education and the learner’s parants… I name all these closed domains. The teacher’s activity is also only visible to the headmaster, school administrator and the subject head teacher inside the school and to the methodologist inspector outside the school…. So learner-teacher-school-classroom activities with their texts are accessible only for a small group of people. So it can surely be said that we can’t see and read learners’ or teachers’ genuine texts. We don’t know what teachers and learners write about. Educational blog based teaching-learning process turned this closed and isolated state of things upside down. …The teacher’s blog based teaching and the learner’s obligatory blog based learning beginning from Grade 3, project based teaching-learning process with teachers’ and learners’ of different ages have created a new state of things in education.…Author’s genuine, unaffected texts appeared on the Internet and became accessible for everybody.

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