My Dreamy Classmate… my Defender?

There was a self-made patterned handwritten card on the table. It attracted, carried me away: ″To Davit, to my dreamy classmate. From Adriana.″ Davit is dreamy. I think ”dreamy” fits Adriana more. Davit is only six and he is dreamy. Adriana wears the dress presented by Davit on her birthday. What a nice girl she is!

The pleasant talk with Arminae is about our expectations for the coming 2018 year.

Davit has written a letter to Santa…It is his teacher Lusine Pashayan’s assignment. He has made it and left on the table half opened and you couldn’t pass by without reading it. I opened it guessing what was in it…Davit Bleyan wants a ball…bring him a ball, Santa. I felt pleased that I couldn’t guess the wishes and actions of Adriana’s dreamy classmate. Everything became clear last night. It turned out that Davit had played football with his brother Armen Martirosyan, and I noticed that the ball could have been much more different. Do they play football in winter, in snowless December? Will they play in Snowy January? Will the primary school children do it during the January camp? ”Winter football” like biking may be a good project. It is much more difficult in hot and stuffy summer, believe me. On the other hand, it attracts me when it is sunny and cold. Football, swimming and hiking are much the same. A year has four seasons and 12 months. You should take it or granted, and the right thing is non-stopping activities.

How do our children enter the school building…beginning from the age of two-three? Mothers and fathers do it solemnly, with self-confidence, taking by their children’s hands talking to them and passing through the corridor till the end of it. Why doesn’t the candid camera present us with such live shows? Isn’t there a lack of such spontaneous live shows on our media means, teachers’ blogs, Sebastatsi TV and Radio? Should I turn to Santa for help? Now I am asking Santa or that.

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