My Diary Note as a Reflection and a Platform for Blog Based Teaching

My Manifesto of General Education, published on March 13, has had reflections. It is good that the Educomplex Development Plan with its seven wonders is being publicized on our students’ blogs. It has become an educational project. Here are some entries on our students’ blogs.

This time, of all the topics discussed in the diary note I was mostly interested in the refusal from the 12-year educational system and the right of free choice given to the students after nine years of schooling. Elen Mkrtchyan

…and, finally, I suggest that the ways of conducting lessons at public schools should be changed. Let’s remove the prosecutor’s burden from the teacher and the burden of the accused from the learner. The lessons should be based on discussions and analyses. Memorizing and just learning by heart should be eliminated. Ilona Sahakyan

I am glad for the Educomplex Development Program. They have even done the first donation for which I am so glad. We, Sebastatsies, should participate in the program. We should suggest our viewpoints and be able to make this program more public.  Milena Goginyan

Everyone has a different wish, goal, strong and weak points. Just as every person is unique, his way should also be unique. It reminded me of another thought, “Your thoughts are shaping your destiny.” I am responsible for what I have and haven’t done. Mark Mikail

The Educomplex is developed with its alternative teaching, different projects and green school gardens. To my mind, it would be a great wonder if the Educomplex had its University.   Milena Poghosyan

Mark Mikail has even involved his grandfather in the project, vice-rector of National Politechnic University of Armenia Areg Grigoryan who was the first Minister of Education of the third Republic of Armenia. I am thankful to You, Mr. Grigoryan for your reflection and trust. Of course, you are always welcome here to talk about and discuss also these issues.

Mr. Bleyan highlights very important issues…

I believe Mr. Bleyan knows and if he is has the chance, he will do it. I wish the desired day came when they asked a sophisticated man with such dreams how: to make Etchmiatsin a cultural centre, to make the village school the community development centre, to change the environment of the Hrazdan Gorge so that it might change Yerevan and the inhabitants of Yerevan. Areg Grigoryan

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