Massimo Lippi’s Letter from Siena, Italy

With this diary note, I am presenting the letter from Massimo Lippi (Siena, Italy), a sculptor, poet, journalist, professor, writer, teacher and father of four children. Massimo Lippi has discovered for himself the country of his soul, Armenia. In 2013-2014 he took part in Hakob Gurjyan’s symposium in Shushi. He has sculptors in Shushi, Aparan Memorial and Gyumri. He was in Artsakh during the April War in 2016.

You know Vigen Avetis . He would be the best Ambassador of New Armenia to Italy. With the accomplished 25-year-old prestige in Italy he would be a bridge builder not only between Florence and the Educomplex but also between Armenia and Italy.

New developments are outlined in our June Plein Air. Vigen Avetis’s Sculpture School in partnership with Massimo Lippi, will hold an international sculpture symposium in Yerevan and Arates Schooling Center in June, 2019.

We will see Vigen Avetis and his students’ sculptures and will present our folk opera “Tumanyan-Komitas 150” and will also see and evaluate the films of the film festival of author pedagogy.

This will be in June, and now you may read the letter sent by the Italian artist and my answer to his letter.  with Vigen Avetis’s translation.

Massimo Lippi’s Letter to Ashot Boleyan

Dear professor Ashot Bleyan,

The prophet of the prophetic nation and luminous professor Vigen, my friend and brother, who is my brother in real life and in art, has told me about You and Your great personality and also about your patriotic acts for the benefit of Armenia and all humanity. You are a man who sacrifices himself for this highest mission. You are a man who trusts in Christian sacred things and mercifulness, and your students, the free and fair people of the future, have the priority and obligation to listen to you. You are a man who educates.

In the real world, there is a monstrous program the purpose of which is to destroy people and generations. That is a dreadful fight between Light and Darkness. The Angels of Light have chosen you, for Armenia is a lamp in this terrible darkness of the world.

Your wonderful initiative is also mine.

Since the age of my childhood, I have been explaining the essence of the Creator’s wonders to my peers and adults, and life destroyed those people, by God’s will, not me. My longed for dream is now seen in you and your wonderful Life School. This is God’s Blessing.

Armenia is my spiritual homeland, which has always been in a secret corner of my heart. But one day, which seemed to be a very casual one, was marked by the fact that a man arrived from Armenia. He was so powerful and genius that relieved me at the moment when I was busy uprooting the weeds in an abandoned park in the heart of Florence, at the Glorious Academy of Fine Arts. His name is Vigen Avetis. To be modest, he made history in the city of Florence and in the world.

We survive in the whirlwind of the cosmic catastrophe. Let me speak with you confidently. I foresaw the overthrow of centuries-old trees on the will of Heaven for the cry of God’s pure children was not heard because of the gossip of the majority of people.

That’s how it happened. As far as I remember, in September 2014 the unexpected and powerful tornado eradicated these famous and charming trees and overthrew them on the ground. Vigen is a reliable witness of all this.

Accept me devotedly and brotherly as a soldier who relied on your light-hearted Wisdom. Your every request is an order for me: to clean up the toilet or wash the window glass, sweep the classrooms, stage performances … This is the art of my poor abilities. And I will do other practical and non-practical assignments. I will do all that God wants.

Thus, the first step has been made. I was in the square with Vigen in those days which the newspapers were deliberately calling the “Velvet Revolution“. Revolutions are never velvet. This word is in a way expressive but was pronounced in haste. Those who say so do not like their true destiny and the place of the Holy Land in Armenia. It is important not to revive the old, but to fulfill the fate.

I can’t tell you who I am. I am a complete stranger from the “West” but with an Armenian’s heart.

Such is Armenia’s time, very complicated and fatal, and not less important than other historical dramatic moments. Now the new invaders are against you and steal your young boys and girls. And it becomes the deadly weapon, which does not kill the body, but breaks the soul. Armenians have no enemies, because the truth does not have an enemy and an adversary.

The deadly threat for Armenia is the modernization. I imagine it well because I know my dear Italy well. These new barbarians have joined in the form of three main empires and now they want to destroy what has been created. Satan is their hell leader.

Such life of yours is to God’s liking. You are a real father of Armenian Homeland. I dream of going out to battle with you. The banks and the hatred towards the truth killed Europe. Those who oppose the Truth (Holy Jesus Christ) and the Beauty (St. Mary the Virgin) need to be destroyed. They will never win. You understand that very well.

I am looking forward to hugging you.

Yours faithfully,

Massimo Lippi

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