Don’t be in a hurry if you are the defender of your child’s interests…

An extract

….On our way back from Tbilisi, Davit was counting in the car, he was counting until we got to Dilijan, he was counting with natural numbers beginning from one, in a loud voice, till he got to 1000 and more. I know well enough each of our six-year-old children. Each of them is a Davit or Anushik… Don’t make decisions in haste. Let the summer ripen and mellow like apricots or mulberries, let them get their share of the sun which is of decisive importance to them. Count, measure, read and write whatever you see and whenever you are, narrate and listen very carefully, not in haste like the main cause in your life. Listen, listen, listen to your child again and again in all his/her manifestations, deeds. Let him/her speak, speak and speak again. The most important thing is his/her speech development.… Let him/her go cycling, overcome difficulties, concentrate on the game which he/she has preferred. Travel a lot up and down the Hrazdan riverbed, there is no difference whether you are traveling to Tbilisi or Egypt for this natural development. Do it not in haste. You are the one who makes decisions but do not do it instead of the child… against his/her will and nature. Why not become the defender of his/her interests and life rights? Do not hurry up!…

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