Come down, come down, my dreams…

Arminae and I are constantly making our minds up to free Davit Bleyan’s room from everything which have lost their priority to give room to the new bed and new corners for the writing table, clothes, sports and games. But why don’t we start and do it? I have no excuse for it. There are a great number of articles, particularly legos and constructor toys  which develop creativity. We are going to pack them all in transparent boxes and take them to the school-garden. What if all the learners of the Educomplex do the same on December 25-29 and get themselves free of all the legos and constructor toys which are not played with any more? Can you imagine big collections of such boxes appear in all the primary schools, the Middle and High schools? These boxes will be just in time for the beginning of the educational camp which will last three weeks with the slogan “The school is an open workshop for the science-technical creativity.”

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