All the days of mine, old and gone, are coming back home again

Now I recollect all the days of mine, old and gone,

The illuminated and winged days o mine, old and gone.

It was in the 1990s when we founded the branch-school of our Educomplex in the building of a former deserted vocational school in Ashtarak. Now it is the Basic School Number 7 after Vardges Petrosyan. We used to go to Ashtarak on business twice or three times a day like we we do it nowadays visiting our branches located in our district.

We had an arrangement with the newly elected mayor of Ashtarak, Tovmas Shahverdyan, at 11:30, and so our small group, consisted of two learners of our High School Areg Galoyan and Lusine Alexanyan,  the headmistress of Art School Qnarik Nersisyan and me, were supposed to set off in Yura Ganjalyan’s car at 10:30.

We not only managed to be in time for the appointment and discuss everything we had planned to discuss (carrying out ethnographical projects in January and June 2018),  but also we managed to be back in Yerevan at 12:15 and continue our meetings and work in the Educomplex. I mysel was to be at our College at 12:30 and I did it, and half an hour later I was already on the way to Ashtarak to take part in the round table discussion.

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