General Education to Be Life Directed

The school named ”Real” born and grown up within Armenian IT Company Instigate, in a business environment, in a real production-innovative business environment, is a valuable experience which is worth careful attention. The hours spent by a group of Sebastatsies with Vahagn Poghosyan, the head of the Instigate Company and Real School, flew so fast. Bravo! You are a business success because you have understood that vocational education, and I would also like to add general education, are not viable without groups of capable professionally accomplished individuals and institutions. How fast the professional education will change if the Armenian business environment turns to primary vocational, vocational and higher educational institutions, and the Ministry of Education looks for educational reforms and their solutions here.

Our High School with its college and vocational branches should more decisively go into the sphere of real-world public services. This is the contexture of making real professionals. Our production areas: laboratories, workshops, studios, greenhouses should become parts of this contexture without age restrictions and arbitrary taboos. There should be a safe-hygienic, real educational and production research activity: an education with real production. And this idea gave birth to my formulation of the organization of project based education which remained in my post due to the accusation of being intricate. Project based education is realized when the formulation of learner’s, people’s, community’s issues is made by means of education, when the solution to these issues is the cause of education, when education is aimed at acquiring knowledge and skills to solve problems and when this is viewed as process and final result. This is the new general education with its content and organization which is spoken of as a dream.  

Remove the accusation and it will be life directed.                

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