This is how We Live in our Country 


I took the advantage of the 22nd of April, The Earth Day, and made a tour about our country both physically and via media… The story of my tour is a warm salute to the Earth, to my country no matter whether it is made by biking or walking alone or with a friend or in a group of three or thousand. Thanks for the day, thank you, Earth, my country, for the mere fact of your existence.

What a great thing taking care of somebody or something is! There is a lack of care all over the world, and this lack of care causes lots of misfortunes, whereas the awakening that is going on in our country recently, is exactly the result of this care. We hold the share of the sky above us every day in this way… Our life is not an undertaking… we live it.

The days in my country are warm and merry all the year round. It is such a world… Our country is big enough to be covered within one day, one note. I didn’t manage to tell everything, but it’s not my last note, is it? Follow my diary!

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