This is a Pilgrimage, not an Experience or just Another Pedagogical Experience with Davit

Diary notes from pilgrimage tour in Jerusalem:

September 30: arrival at Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport, and then leaving for Jerusalem. We were accommodated at Jerusalem Tower Hotel, and from 6 pm until late at night staying and living in Holy Sepulchre (Resurrection)  Cathedral; truly living there until at midnight when I, assisted by Deacon Andranik, take the tired and sleeping body of our son Davit to the hotel. Till then Davit manages to sleep in all the narthexes, corners, courtyards, vestries, tabernacles, throne stools of St. Cathedral, Armenian Jerusalem. That is indescribable.

These photos are the evidence of our pilgrimage.  We took up an hour to show Davit the secular face of Jerusalem. Especially that Davit is constantly insisting on not having committed any sin, and is surprised and complains about having been taken here to get rid of his sins in such a torturing way. He was already discussingwith the pilgrimsthe possibility of returning to Yerevan, to his school ASAP.  I offer the local educational institutions “Boghboj” or “Kokon” as an alternative, especially taking into account the fact that the Holy Father here is so competent and kindhearted to the pilgrims from Armenia, and is the inspector of education of Armenian Patriarchate in Jerusalem.

October 1

08:00: visit to St. Jacob Monastery to listen to Holy Liturgy.

04:00: Night Liturgy on Jesus St. Grave.

How did it happen that side by side the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, that have conquered the world, Armenian Apostolic Church acquired an equal representation on the Holy Land?… I need to understand.


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