Life in our Paths of South-Western District

The pedagogy is inside me, since 1979, the time when pedagogy, the author’s arrangement of the education became my profession, the piece of my business… I’m Ghazaros Aghayan’s follower  and most of his influence I wear. It’s a good reason to express how amazed I am; what is the source of our master of pedagogy Aghayan’s progressive pedagogy, taking into acount that he have got the most humble education and shouldn’t have read so many important books of that time  and of course was unfamiliar with the progressive experience of the world… Nevertheless he was the most progressive idea-holder in pedagogy all by himself, with his own biography, his own imagination… Like any time I was taking a pen to check the oral calculations of my father, he start to wonder; ”You, son of a bitch, what for is your brain? Do it in mind”! So my mind, my imagination and the glance of mine towards my inner world are always awake and active. Sure reading is useful, but of better use for me are the voices of my colleagues-teachers, those coming from our educational community. It is a skill one should have personally; being capable of connecting thoughts and solutions of others… Otherwise this is just an imitation. It’s we, the world created by us and our life itself performed as a pedagogy…

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