And forgive us our debts…

Believe me, I do believe in Turkey’s capability of becoming part of Europe; I don’t see any other way for the future of Turkey and Europe. As far as I understand, Turkey’s choice of Europe is a way out of the standstill, a way of uniting the Turkish society…  Such Turkey can and must help both Armenians and Azerbaijanis in such a dramatic period of life of our nations… Turks are in debt to us, our ancestors, my grandfathers and how else are they going to begin paying the debts back if not by supporting the claim-holder’s representatives to have a peaceful-creative life now, today, tomorrow?

I have told about the potentialities of New Iran; the Turkey-Iran, Iran-Georgia, Iran-Azerbaijan economical-political relationships that have begun and are evolving can also be an important support for the Armenian-Azerbaijani military confrontation stuck in a standstill to go on with a new alternative… Shall we have enough time and collective prudence for it? Do Armenian state authorities have enough potential for such an alternative? We should do our best and the public support will not loiter. Put swaggering aside! Everybody wants to live…

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