A Simple Formula to Acquire the Spiritual Integrity of a Christian

Jerusalem is a white city built of almost the same white stone…the famous wall, residential or administrative buildings, monuments of worship and culture. The flower gardens with flowerbeds and bold green vegetation are impressive in this dominating white color. The city residents get up early: at 6 am the city becomes lively with cars, people, opening shops and cafes. Will we be in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem? I don’t know. In spite of all my efforts we are following the tracks of Jesus. All of a sudden Davit bent down and kissed the relic track of Jesus Christ on Ascension Mount. Today’s walking route with Father Theodore’s leadership from 8am till 14:00 was in the direction of Mt Zion Sanctuary: Holy Savior Armenian Monastery, David the Prophet’s tomb, Snooze church of St. Mary, Peter the ApostleRepentance Church.

Among our Armenian pilgrims there are a lot of grandmas accompanied by their daughters or on their own. The number of elderly people among other pilgrims, who have filled the city, is also significant. Davit, with his name, has become very popular with them….

The guesthouse, where we are staying now, is the propery of an Armenian. The rooms are so small that they have brought Arminae, Davit and me so close to each other. The kitchen is clean with food which is  affordable and with wide choice. They make delicious meals here. We haven’t eaten  so much for such a long time, although Arminae is always complaining about Davit’s eating. It seems to me I have put on weight. In addition to that you should take into account change of water, air and the pilgrim’s prolonged sleep.

Middle aged or young sociable couples aren’t few in our group of 38 people. We don’t know one another, we haven’t been introduced to one another yet, as it is said in a well-known English joke, but we are so united, forthcoming, curious and devotional. Davit says, “We, Armenians, are following Jesus Christ.” At 6 am we will leave Jerusalem for two days and will go in the direction of Nazareth…

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